'Handstand Tips for Beginners'

'Handstand Tips for Beginners'
14:20 Nov 17, 2022

'Handstand tips for beginners. Going through two crucial steps for developing the handstand: specific handstand practice and mobility work. Full article about learning the handstand ➞ http://bit.ly/handstandtips 0:40 Straight line and banana handstand 2:12 Starting handstand training 4:39 2 things you need to do a handstand 5:22 Developing handstand balance 8:12 Freestanding handstand drills 9:11 What to do if you fall forward 10:05 Handstand walks 12:45 Hollowback and more handstand variations ---- Hi there, my name is Eero Westerberg and I am the head coach here at VAHVA Fitness. Our specialty lies in mixing the Western and Eastern knowledge of health and fitness together into a combination that actually works, is proven and produces real tangible results. We developed our methods by studying health & wellness and strength & conditioning for over a decade. We also traveled the world for over 3 years researching different ancient methods of strengthening and taking care of the human body. READ OUR FULL STORY ➞ http://bit.ly/vahva-story ---- Build an Athletic Physique from Zero to Hero

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