'My Return To Fitness With Aura Flushable Colostomy Bags'

'My Return To Fitness With Aura Flushable Colostomy Bags'
06:59 3d ago

'Meet Jay Hyrons, former Miss England bodybuilder who now has a colostomy following a bowel perforation caused by diverticular abscesses. Watch her tell the story of how she returned to fitness - including how her stoma nurse recommended Aura Flushable colostomy pouches to suit her active lifestyle. These offer more choice than ever when disposing of a used colostomy bag. \"Now I do everything I did before, whilst feeling really secure. Nobody would know in any way.\" To find out more about the Aura Flushable pouch or to order a free sample, visit http://www.clinimed.co.uk/Stoma-Care/Products/Closed-Stoma-Bags/Aura-Flushable/Product-Design.aspx'

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