'Elastic Band Workouts for Abs, Legs and Arms | (Part 2) | Tone your Body Challenge'

'Elastic Band Workouts for Abs, Legs and Arms | (Part 2) | Tone your Body Challenge'
02:00 3d ago

'This elastic band workout for abs, legs and arms can be done at home or outdoors, wherever you prefer, there\'s no need for a gym. Most importantly it\'s a full body workout and it can be performed with or without the equipment (the elastic band). Take part in the tone your body challenge! If you want to keep yourself motivated and accountable for your workouts, plan your weekly workouts in advance and ask a friend or your family members to workout in the same time as you. Share your favorite workout videos and have a video call with your workout buddies, like this you will keep each other motivated! Workouts can be a motivational social event! Tone your body with this intense full body workout of under 10 minutes: *5 exercises with 30 seconds per exercise *3 sets of these exercises with 1 minute break between sets. Try working out 3-4 times per week. Remember that consistency and quality workouts are the key to seeing results. SUBSCRIBE to my channel and hit the like button and the bell button to be notified when my new videos come up. Also, you can follow me on Instagram and Facebook. See you soon, stay strong and healthy! https://www.instagram.com/workoutbyadelina https://www.facebook.com/WorkoutbyAdelina #HIIT #fullbodyworkout #toneyourbodychallenge #HIITcardio #10minuteworkout #workout #fitness #workoutroutine #toneyourbody #intenseworkout #noequipmentworkout #squats #burpees #lunges #planks #push-ups #challenge #sport'

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