'Get To Know Me More | Brittany Lesser Fitness Tag'

'Get To Know Me More | Brittany Lesser Fitness Tag'
05:16 Dec 8, 2022
'* Open this dropbox! :) *  Hi loves! I know SO many girls did Brittany Lesser\'s fitness tag video and i\'m super late in the game! But I thought it would be a cute, fast way to answer some fitness related questions. Make sure to go check out Brittany Lesser\'s channel!   Brittany\'s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/brittanylesserfitnes   Also feel free to tag yourself in this tag and answer these questions! That\'s what I did! Here are the questions:   1. If you never got into bodybuilding/lifting, what would you be doing? 2. What is your favorite and least favorite body part to workout? 3. What would your last meal on earth be? 4. If you had to choose between eating only carbs or only fats, which would you choose?  5. Who is your \"crush\" in the fitness industry? 6. If you had to pick one food to have 0 calories, but still taste the same, which would it be? 7. Would you rather never be allowed to lift again, but have your ideal physique, OR be allowed to lift but work your butt off for your physique? 8. What are your short and long term fitness goals? 9. What is the best thing that has changed in your life, since committing to this lifestyle? 10. Favorite thing about competing? (or fitness in general if you don\'t compete) 11. What is your favorite way to get cardio in?  Music in this video:  Tourist- Your Girl' 

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