'Fitness Model works out her Ass and lower torso'

'Fitness Model works out her Ass and lower torso'
01:57 Jan 1

'Follow our Blog of ALL our videos and stay up to date at http://knockoutnetworks.blogspot.com/ Todays Sexy Fitness Model Ashley Weaver teaches you about the working out the butt. Ashley Weaver has been learning from Pro MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter This is a great Quad workout and but also very important to learn so you can strengthen your arms. Please be sure to subscribe to Puders Knockouts for your chance to win a t-shirt and to see a new video daily. \"Its good after a hard night of sex\" its good after a hard night of ex Camera Operator / Editor - Mikhail Zakharchuk [Zakharchuk.com] Produced by Anokis Productions [AnokisProductions.com] Marketing by George Rawstarr Walker in association with Rawstarr Communications rawstarrcommunications.com'

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