'Hip Raises With Exercise Ball'

'Hip Raises With Exercise Ball'
00:47 Jan 27, 2023
'Beginner/Intermediate exercise useful for developing glute/butt activation and strength, while building core stability.   Option with bent knees and single leg. :)  As always be sure to breath evenly, maintain neutral spine and pelvis, keep a relaxed face, and engaged core. Neck should be in a comfortable relaxed position. We are here to thrive and prosper, not injure. Be sure to practice being kind and mindful to yourself throughout.   See more at timerlanecakmak.com and my other channels. My mission is uplifting, inspiring and empowering people - the real deep transformation comes from healing work I do with clients, but every bit helps, which is why I make simple videos just like this. Healing your body, is part of healing your mind, which is part of healing your life. Its all connected. Don\'t be overwhelmed, start somewhere, keep at it and continually adapt. You will be amazed and grateful you did.' 

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