'Magnetic Sponsoring: Magnetic Marketing Dan Kennedy - Network Marketing Business'

'Magnetic Sponsoring: Magnetic Marketing Dan Kennedy - Network Marketing Business'
17:09 Feb 22, 2023
'Are you looking to truly leverage social media to become more effective and build your network marketing business, but you just can\'t quite seem to hit it? Well, the past couple of days I\'ve been doing a series about the multiple ways you can actually be prospecting on social media. Subscribe to my channel:  https://bit.ly/32IfJcX  It\'s about a combination of two different industries. It\'s a combination of marketing and then network marketing. A guy by the name of Dan Kennedy and authored by named Dan Kennedy wrote a book about magnetic marketing while ago and he\'s been he\'s had this process out there for about 25 years or so totally transformed.  The way marketing is done nowadays. Basically, you know, some another author, a guy by the name of Mike Dillard has actually taken you to know, use those principles from his mentor Dan Kennedy actually created a system You know, in network marketing, which was basically the, you know, beginning of what\'s known as attraction marketing in network marketing, and that attraction marketing.  You know, magnetic marketing, it\'s about being able to attract the right people to you, rather than chasing your market, but attract the people to you, the people who you know, are ideal for your product service or opportunity. So this is critical. And this is where a lot of people lose out. This is where a lot of people miss the message, you know, they don\'t understand how to truly, effectively connect with their market.  What\'s happening is they\'re out there trying to build their network marketing business, but they\'re not effective. Because what\'s happening is they don\'t have the right message to see there\'s basically a triangle and it\'s and it\'s your message to your market, who your market and then the delivery, the medium in which it\'s being delivered.  The key is if you get any one of them wrong, the whole system doesn\'t work but if you get them all right, what can happen is your total business can transform how would it? How would it feel to be able to you know, have people reaching out to you wanting to know more about your network marketing business think about how that can work out for you.  I help you transform those network marketing skills into network marketing muscle so that you can get more quality sales, war, new sale signups of people who are actually looking for you want to Do the business think about the paradigm shift here, but are now able to, you know, being able to connect you with those type of people being able to connect with those type of people and have them in your business.  If you have any questions or any thoughts or feelings about this video and our YouTube channel then leave a comment and don\'t forget to subscribe to our channel for more videos.   Subscribe to my channel:  https://bit.ly/32IfJcX  Follow me: Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/tspeedo/  #MagneticSponsoring #MagneticMarketingDanKennedy #NetworkMarketingBusiness' 

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