'Is TRX suspension training good for fat loss? (2 approaches)'

'Is TRX suspension training good for fat loss? (2 approaches)'
04:50 May 7, 2023
'In this video we\'ll discuss the question - is TRX suspension training good for fat loss? And two approaches that can be used. In my opinion, one is much more effective than the other.  Do you want the ability to achieve your fitness goals anywhere?  So did I…  That’s why I developed the TRX Fitness Freedom programs:  ▹ ULTIMATE TRX PHYSIQUE SCULPTOR PROGRAM https://trxtraveller.com/product/ultimate-trx-physique-sculpting-program/  ▹ TRX BEGINNER TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM https://trxtraveller.com/product/trx-total-body-transformation-program/  ▹ TRX MUSCLE BUILDER PROGRAM https://trxtraveller.com/product/trx-muscle-builder/  ▹ TRX BEACH BODY PROGRAM https://trxtraveller.com/product/trx-beach-body-program/  ▹ TRX CORE DEVELOPER PROGRAM https://trxtraveller.com/product/trx-core-developer/  ▹ TRX BOOTY BUILDER PROGRAM https://trxtraveller.com/product/trx-booty-builder/  ▹ TRX ARMS SCULPTOR PROGRAM https://trxtraveller.com/product/trx-arms-sculptor/  And Resistance Band Fitness Freedom Programs:  ▹ RESISTANCE BAND MUSCLE PUMP PROGRAM https://trxtraveller.com/product/band-muscle-pump/  ▹ RESISTANCE BAND MUSCLE BUILDER PROGRAM https://trxtraveller.com/product/resistance-band-muscle-builder-program/  This video will explain and walk you through the programs: ‣ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J75nmrHTUXU&t=2s  ----------  ▹ JOIN THE TRX FITNESS FREEDOM FACEBOOK SUPPORT GROUP & COMMUNITY ‣ https://www.facebook.com/groups/TRXFitnessFreedom  ----------  Find me and gain TRX Fitness Freedom across...  ▹ INSTAGRAM ‣ https://www.instagram.com/trxtraveller/ ▹ YOUTUBE ‣ https://www.youtube.com/trxtraveller ▹ FACEBOOK ‣ https://www.facebook.com/trxtraveller ▹ PINTEREST ‣ https://ar.pinterest.com/trxtraveller/  ----------  I used to have an unhealthy psychological reliance on gyms, believing I had to be close to one or in one at all times to achieve my fitness goals. It was limiting and confining.  Now, 4+ years later having TRX’d across 32 countries I feel in the best shape of my life after discovering the HUGE fitness possibilities achievable anywhere with a TRX.  It’s my mission and passion to help people gain fitness freedom and achieve their fitness goals absolutely anywhere using a TRX.  Adam, TRX Traveller https://trxtraveller.com  P.s  ▹ TRX\'ing on: The Tygermat for grip and to record standing level (https://tygermat.com/discount/trxtraveller1) Use code TRXTRAVELLER1 for 10% OFF  ▹ TRX\'ing with: The TRX GO: https://amzn.to/3anxe58' 

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