'How to do the Beep Test (PART II of the B.F.A - CARDIO TEST)'

'How to do the Beep Test (PART II of the B.F.A - CARDIO TEST)'
05:56 Jan 19
'Military BOOTCAMP Instructor SARGE (with over 20 years experience  in the Australian Army) with his client, Model Stacey Louise, demonstrate how to do a Beep Test. This is the cardio test part of the BOOTCAMP Fitness Assessment (B.F.A) at Australian Fitness Force BOOTCAMPS.  To attend Australian Fitness Force face to face BOOTCAMP download the \'AUSTRALIAN FITNESS FORCE\' app from the app store. Or visit this link: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/cl... DOWNLOAD THE BEEP TEST via this link: https://youtu.be/e0U_yQITBks To join Stacey Louise in her journey as a BOOTCAMP BABE via this link https://www.staceylouise.com.au/join/' 

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