'Stunning Bikini Fitness Athlete - The Best in Europe 2022 Maria \"Mia\" Sava'

'Stunning Bikini Fitness Athlete - The Best in Europe 2022 Maria \"Mia\" Sava'
06:58 May 20
'In this video we meet the Overall Bikini Fitness Winner at the IFBB European Championships 2022 Maria \"Mia\"Sava from Romania. To win a Bikini Fitness Overall Title in the European Championship with hundreds of other Bikini fitness Athletes is not an easy task.  But Maria Sava shined like the star she is from start to finish to finally be crowned the Overall Bikini Fitness Athlete in Europe 2022 02:15 past midnight the night between  Sunday and Monday. Congratulations!  This video is a tribute to her and a compilation from the weekend. Support Mia by follow her on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/miasava/  This video is Brought to you by the Best Tan in the Business.  The competition colors for champions since 1982. Jan Tana \"The Winning Tan\" you can see more or get yours at  https://thewinningtan.com/  Please support by visiting www.robin4life.info to view Galleries and Personal Athlete videos   This is a Nordic Fitness Magazine, \"a part of Robin4life Productions\" production. You can visit  my Instagram https://www.instagram.com/robin4life_productions/   And please support by subscribing to my channel  Music is often changed from competitions due to Royalty Rights  #bikini#fitness#wellness' 

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