'Fitness Over 50 | 14.54 Miles | Negotiating Corners'

'Fitness Over 50 | 14.54 Miles | Negotiating Corners'
01:56 Aug 21, 2021

'I summarized this 64 minutes, 14.54 mile ride with a recording of every corner I negotiated in the ride. Hope you enjoy. I give my YouTube vlogs the main title of \"Fitness Over 50.\" It is my goal to build a community of like minded riders whose purpose is to get and stay active and fit into their senior years. At 59, I see myself as just entering those years. I am not as fit as I would like to be, but neither am I trying to become a superstar athlete. I am becoming more fit all the time with: -Regular cycling, -Frequent resistance training and -Ketogenic/Intermittent Fast eating -Ice packs (thermogenesis) are the main elements to my fitness plan. I recently got a cash back rebate of $130 from Dubli Online Shopping Mall. That makes $1327 back in my bank from online purchases (in 25 months time) I would have made these purchases anyway. Getting this money back is fantastic! Check it out at http://www.dubli.com/M04VB. Check out our church website at, http://www.puyallupbaptistchurch.com Listen to sermons I have preached at http://bit.ly/mckenziepreaching Check out the books I have written at my author spotlight on Lulu.com: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/marvinmckenzie My author Page for Kindle/Amazon http://www.amazon.com/author/marvinmckenzie'

Tags: fitness over 50 , fitness bicycling , 2016 Specialized Sirrus Sport Disk , 2017 Specialized Vita , Genesis GS29

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