'Fitness Over 50 | 21.89 miles | All By My Self'

'Fitness Over 50 | 21.89 miles | All By My Self'
01:20 Aug 25, 2021

'I made this 22.89 miles ride all by my self. (Notice that it is 22.89 and not 21.89.) It was almost exactly the same ride as yesterday except I added the 38th St loop to the Canyon Rd loop. The interesting thing to me is that I made the ride about 1 mph faster than yesterday when I wife was with me. Of course, I would prefer having my wife with me. :-) Fitness over 50 is going well for me. I am fasting today. I started the fast last night at about 8 pm and will finish it around 11 am tomorrow. Feeling very good. I give my YouTube vlogs the main title of \"Fitness Over 50.\" It is my goal to build a community of like minded riders whose purpose is to get and stay active and fit into their senior years. At 59, I see myself as just entering those years. I am not as fit as I would like to be, but neither am I trying to become a superstar athlete. I am becoming more fit all the time with: -Regular cycling, -Frequent resistance training and -Ketogenic/Intermittent Fast eating are the main elements to my fitness plan. I recently got a cash back rebate of $130 from Dubli Online Shopping Mall. That makes $1327 back in my bank from online purchases (in 25 months time) I would have made these purchases anyway. Getting this money back is fantastic! Check it out at http://www.dubli.com/M04VB. Check out our church website at, http://www.puyallupbaptistchurch.com Listen to sermons I have preached at http://bit.ly/mckenziepreaching'

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