'HOIST MotionCage Sample Circuit Workout 3'

'HOIST MotionCage Sample Circuit Workout 3'
04:55 Sep 7

'This video will show a sample workout circuit performed on the HOIST Fitness MotionCage Functional Trainer. This is a five-station circuit, with each exercise performed for 60 seconds and 15 seconds for transitions. The HOIST Fitness MotionCage and Motion Cage Studio offer the most in stations, exercise options, attachment points and storage space, giving trainers and end-users practically limitless options for functional exercises. Most units include a squat rack, dip station, jump platform, rebound station, heavy bag, dual hi-lo station, dozens of attachment points and more. With so many exercise options, the MotionCage is perfect for small group training with groups of 2 to 12 people, and for clients of all levels.'

Tags: personal trainer , hiit , crossfit , Circuit Training , hoist fitness , workout circuit

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