'Review of the Misfit Flash Sleep and Activity Tracker'

'Review of the Misfit Flash Sleep and Activity Tracker'
03:48 Sep 8

'Watch: \"2022 - FREE 5 Hour OpenCV Course| Python | 6 x Computer Vision Projects\" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oj5wHECTlzo --~-- Hey guys here is my Review of the Misfit Flash Sleep and Activity Tracker and my personal opinion on the smart Fitness tracker. Get it on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2aBmPTP So let’s take a look at what is it? The misfit flash is splash proof poly-carbonate disc that automatically tracks sleep and steps while lasting up to 6 months on a single replaceable battery. So what is has is 12 LED\'s that can be red in color as on the onyx model. As I mentioned before it is a Sleep And activity tracker which Is Slim, and has splash-proof profile. The misfit flash Uses a single cr2023 coin cell, which lasts up to an incredible and impressive 6 months. And in case you’re wondering, yes it does Tells time unlike some fitness trackers out there. On top of that it also displays the percentage of your total calorie burn goal For only $39 it can Syncs to your phone via Bluetooth and comes with an App. What I like about it It is a very slim device around 7mm in thickness and 28.5mm in diameter. It is very comfortable to wear and I really like the round shape, Since I\'m only really into round wrist wearable and smart watches. Again, the Battery lasts a whopping 6 months and its just a bliss not having to worry about charging the device. The misfit flash features a Smart button functionality to use to control music , find your phone and as a camera shutter button. It also comes with a clip so you can hook it on your shoe, pocket or backpack. The time reading was a bit challenging at first but after a few days you get use interpreting the LED dots as time. What I don\'t like about it is that it Sometimes it pops out of the belt when you press the button Some nights it feels a bit uncomfortable but that\'s just me. The third thing that gets to me is that random motion causes The display to lights up and doesn\'t light up when you want it to at first go at the flick of the wrist, you have to do it in a particular motion. What I wished it had: I wish it came with a Heartbeat sensor to get a more accurate reading of caloric burn but that would probably come at the cost of battery life. So realistically there would be some kind of trade of between the two. Also I wish it had notifications like on the fitbit\'s and I would like to have a vibrate alarm to wake you up from sleep more gently. So taking a look at the app. The app is fairly simple. Not as cool and as detailed as the Fitbit app but I wished that they would update the look and add more functionality to the app to make it much more interactive and informative. The app sometimes feels a bit jittery especially whilst syncing to the device. So to sum it up overall, it is a really good fitness tracker and for the price of $39, it does what most fitness trackers can do minus a couple of features but at a fraction of the cost it\'s a really stylish fitness and sleep tracker. Also with it having a 6 month battery life is a total plus in my opinion. So If you are looking to pick one up for yourself or a gift for someone you know, then please go ahead and check the link down below and please don\'t forget to like, comment and subscribe and I will see you in the next video. Thank you for watching. Please like this video on the Review of the Misfit Flash Sleep and Activity Tracker'

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