'Lifestyle Over Motivation - Sean Vigue of Sean Vigue Fitness | Journeys with the No Schedule Man'

'Lifestyle Over Motivation - Sean Vigue of Sean Vigue Fitness  | Journeys with the No Schedule Man'
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'http://www.noscheduleman.com - A chat with the incredible Sean Vigue, of Sean Vigue Fitness (Fitness Unleased)! Sean is known as “the Most-Watched Online Yoga and Pilates Guy\" and was recently named one of the \"Top 50 Workout Brands\" by The Huffington Post. He is a six-time bestselling author, including Power Yoga for Athletes and several bestselling eBooks including Pilates for Men and Sean Vigue’s 30 Day Beginner Program, among others. His incredibly popular YouTube Channel serves well over 80,000 people and he’s also got a terrific Fitness App which you can download in the App Store for iPhone and on Google Play for Android. In this conversation, Sean gives us a detailed look at his journey to how he got to where he is today and what are some of the events in his life that have shaped and steered his path. Some terrific insights came out of the chat with Sean, including … 1. The idea of Lifestyle over Motivation - The difference between when something’s ingrained that you feel you have to do for your own well being, versus thinking you should be doing (or not doing) something and needing to be constantly motivation 2. Get out there and get going. Every moment you don’t act, or just sit and wait for the time to be right, is another moment lost forever, and another opportunity for you to grow that’s gone by. Get out there! 3. “Nothing is stopping you from going further than your own limitations.” That’s an exact quote from Sean which you’ll here in this chat, along with context around it. Consider Sean another good soul and incredible resource as we all continue on our journeys of health, happiness and fulfillment. ©2016 Kevin Bulmer Enterprises Links: Sean’s Official Website: http://www.seanviguefitness.com Sean’s YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/motleyfitness Sean on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/seanvigue ------------------------------------------- About The Podcast www.noscheduleman.com - “Journeys with the No Schedule Man” celebrates & shares the journeys of heart-centered entrepreneurs finding their REAL success. Together we explore their triumphs, challenges, thoughts, feelings and lessons learned. ► SUBSCRIBE to VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/user/NoScheduleMan?sub_confirmation=1 ► SUBSCRIBE to AUDIO: https://open.spotify.com/show/0ytd6oZmx7zdMuRIW3xi12?si=e-KOMTzrQzeWX3OVVH2Dqg ------------------------------------------- Connect with Kevin

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