'Best Psoas & Diaphragm Exercise for Improved Breathing'

'Best Psoas & Diaphragm Exercise for Improved Breathing'
05:40 Sep 22

'The psoas and diaphragm are BFFs (Breath Friends Forever). The deep fascial joint that unites the psoas and the diaphragm is called the medial arcuate ligament. Because of this fascial relationship, the tension in the psoas can restrict deep diaphragmatic breathing, and conversely, the inability to take a deep belly breath can inhibit hip function. Jill breaks down the anatomical structures, then invites you to the ground for an embodied exploration of the relationship between these myofascial structures using the diaphragm vacuum and its variations to help you feel into the deep psoas/ diaphragm (BFF) connection of the medial arcuate ligament. Core stability, breath ability, and dynamic hip/pelvis low back health all rely on the cooperation of your psoas and its fascial connections to the diaphragm. This class will help you identify the interplay of these muscles and improve your deep core strength. Learn more about your psoas in our online video library: https://tuneup.fit/1mPFhc'

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