'Casio G-Shock Move Review: Everything You Need To Know'

'Casio G-Shock Move Review: Everything You Need To Know'
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'Casio G-Shock Move Review: Everything You Need To Know. Welcome to our review of the Casio G-Shock Move. Check out Casio G-Shock Move: https://www.amazon.com/Casio-G-Shock-Running-Quartz-Assisted/dp/B086R1MXFQ/?tag=jstand-20 Casio G-Shock Move Overview The Casio G-Shock Move combines functionality and durability. The sports watch has a shock-resistance structure made of a rugged shape to protect the glass and buttons from direct impact. The charging terminal and optical sensor are waterproof with a water resistance of up to 200 meters. The bezel and button design of the G-shock Move also allows for easier navigation. While the smooth curved back and soft urethane band ensure a comfortable fit. When it comes to charging you have the option of USB or Solar charging which allows continuous use of the G-Shock Move for about 14 hours. In terms of fitness, the Casio G-Shock Move is equipped with 5 sensors to help track and improve your training. The sensors measure your distance, steps, VO2max for endurance training as well as your heart rate for pace management. All the data tracked is analyzed by the First beat algorithm that gives accurate analysis. This helps maximize the effectiveness of your training. The in-built GPS aid in the effectiveness by assisting inaccurate distance, speed, and pace measurements. Even as a sports watch the G-Shock has certain smart features enabled through a Bluetooth connection to your phone. For example, you can get email, text, and call notifications even as you train. Through the vibrating function, the watch simply vibrates to alert you of incoming mail or call.'

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