'Becoming a Marine Pt. 2: Monahans HS Assistant Principal Put to the Test'

'Becoming a Marine Pt. 2: Monahans HS Assistant Principal Put to the Test'
02:12 Jan 24

'Educating young people is a full time job; just ask a teacher or a United States Marine drill instructor. You might not realize how similar the two jobs are. Another day, another lesson; educators getting their students ready for the next level. Daniel Sharp is one of those people. He’s gearing up for another year as the Assistant Principal at Monahans High School. However, for one week, Sharp wasn’t known as Assistant Principal, he was recruit. Sharp and a group of educators were put to the test to see if they had what it takes to earn the title as U.S. Marine. “I’m nervous, I don’t really know what to expect,” he said. The group got a crash course on basic training. From the obstacle course, to the combat fitness test and even the rifle range. It came with the good, the bad and the not so coordinated. “I am out of shape,” Sharp said. “I should’ve listened to my wife and prepared for the physical part of this.” They did it all to learn one lesson: “There’s a huge connection between educators and drill instructors. They’re about instilling discipline,” Sharp said. “Boot camp is more than just yelling and screaming. There is a method to the madness.” The goal of this week long mission is for educators and Marines to unite as one and work as a team to not only make the next generation of Marines, but to help the next generation aim to be better people. “They’re the first ones that have a real influence in that applicant’s life,” Ssgt. Matthew Valle said. Marines hope teachers walk away from this experience with one more option to offer their students post high school. “I hope they get a glimpse of what the Marine Corps is because there’s a lot of misconceptions of what the Marine Corps is and what people think it is,” Ssgt. Valle said. “If you’re looking at going into the military and you want to push yourself, I think the Marines would be the branch to go into,” Sharp said. The Marines send a group of educators to MCRD San Diego every year. If you’d like to learn more about the week or the Marines, just stop by your local recruiter’s office.'

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