'Natasha Aughey - fitness model from CANADA'

'Natasha Aughey - fitness model from CANADA'
04:00 Apr 7, 2021

'Natasha Aughey https://www.instagram.com/natashaughey_/ Natasha Aughey is a Canadian fitness model, 27-year-old fitness icon, bodybuilding diva, ambassador for a well-known nutritional supplement company, whose candid photos will win your hearts. It is impossible to talk only about her performances and achievements in the field of fitness without focusing on her appearance. Natasha has a stunning body and a perfect figure, and she looks harmonious in any outfit - bikini, workout uniform or evening dress. This is not surprising, because from early childhood Natasha mastered various sports, and also always led a healthy lifestyle. Natasha Okhi inspires many people to work towards their goals, thanks to which she became a sensation on social networks. Natasha Ohi began her career in sports in high school, where she was actively involved in running, as well as football. With an emphasis on cardio training, Natasha could not achieve the form she dreamed of, despite proper nutrition and excellent genetic data. There was a shortage of strength exercises with impressive weights in her training. And then she decided to revise her training process and involve familiar athletes to draw up a training plan in order to achieve the desired results in the form of seductive body curves and separated muscles. In just a couple of years, Natasha managed to achieve ideal proportions, sculpt a unique and powerful figure and build muscle mass. This was facilitated by an individual training program, nutrition and, of course, performance. Having started percussion training in 2012, Natasha by 2013 had already repeatedly taken part in competitions organized by the International Federation of Bodybuilding. And in 2016, Natasha took 6th place at the Ottawa Athletes Championship. Natasha\'s height is 167.5 cm, weight 62 kg.'

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