'Kinobody Superhero Shoulders And Back Workout'

'Kinobody Superhero Shoulders And Back Workout'
03:03 Feb 2, 2022

'Make sure to check my blog at - http://www.rippedclub.tk/ And of course my instagram for latest updates - https://instagram.com/dakabest Here\'s a kinobody superhero workout for bigger shoulders and back! This is me performing a kinobody style superhero bulking program workout. This is program Ain the chest and back specialisation phase. If you want to check out the full training program check it out here - http://kinobody.com/superhero In the video I do a standart OHP press for shoulders and weighted chin ups for back. Make sure to try this type of training and send me a feedback ;). Song: All I Want - A Day to Remember (Lyrics) HD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2RBYHTqHfA Kinobody | Shoulders And Back Workout | Fitness Workout | Gym Workout | Strength | Chin ups | Pullups | Pull ups Overhead Press | Motivation | Reverse Pyramid | Flex | Shoulders | Egolifting | Ego lifting | Training | Full workout | Chinups | Shoulders | Back'

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