'Djamboola Fitness class - Le LABB - by Rich\'Art (part 1)'

'Djamboola Fitness class - Le LABB - by Rich\'Art (part 1)'
00:10 Sep 22

'Created in Canada by choreographer Richard \"Rich\'Art\" Laubonet, Djamboola Fitness sessions are made of small choreographies simple and easy to follow. A tasty and rhythmic mix primarily made of African cardio-dances, as well as dances from all over the world such as Hip-hop / RnB, Ragga-Dancehall, Soca, Zouk / Kompa / Kizomba, etc ... Djamboola classes are an effective way of burning a maximum amount of calories having fun. Come and join for a free trial anytime: [email protected] FOLLOW US on Social media & www.lelabb.com'

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