'Initial Strength Test - Marine Corps Boot Camp'

'Initial Strength Test - Marine Corps Boot Camp'
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'There are minimum requirements for Marine Corps boot camp. The Marine Corps has standards for physical fitness to start training. Initial Strength Test Before training can start, each male recruit must be able to do a minimum of 3 pull-ups or 34 push-ups and females recruits must be able to do 1 pull-up or 15 push-ups. Both are required to do 44 crunches in 2 minutes and run 1.5 miles in under 13 minutes and 30 seconds for the men and the females have 15 minutes to cross the finish line. Recruits are advised to report to training with the ability to run much further distances at a faster pace, as the IST run is only half the distance of the 3-mile Physical Fitness Test required of all recruits prior to graduation. Failure here means you are sent to a physical conditioning platoon for an additional 7 to 14 days of training. The last thing these recruits want to think about is extending their time on Parris Island so they have to push themselves to make it. This is only one part of the Marine Corps boot camp experience. Marine Corps Recruit Training is broken down into four basic Phases. Phase 1 lasts approximately three weeks. Here, discipline will begin to be instilled in recruits by disorienting them and breaking them from old civilian habits and mindsets. Drill Instructors begin reinforcing the mental and physical standards needed to perform under stressful situations that could be experienced in combat. The purpose of Phase One is to mentally and physically challenge the recruits. At this point, civilian habits are completely detrimental to training, so they are eliminated during this period through intense physical training, strict routines, discipline and intense instruction. The process is designed to enable recruits to learn to survive in combat situations and to adapt and overcome any unexpected situation. One of the principal ideals learned during this period is that recruits are not to think of themselves as individuals; they are not permitted to use first person pronoun, “I” instead, recruits refer to themselves as “This Recruit” and all tasks are designed with teamwork in mind and recruits are expected to conform to a standard that does not tolerate personal eccentricities. It is a fast paced, intense period in the transformation of civilian to Marine. Close order drill is an important factor in recruit training, and begins from their first formation on the yellow footprints. In the first phase, recruits learn all of the basic commands and movements, memorizing the timing through the use of cadence that helps synchronize a recruit’s movements with the rest of his or her platoon. During Phase 1, recruits lean that their civilian bodies aren’t good enough. Phase 1 training focuses on turning their civilian bodies into the bodies of Marines. This is done through a rigorous routine of endurance and resistance exercises. Running will build their cardiovascular endurance and events like the circuit course will build muscle strength and stamina to forge them into the best shape of their lives. They are going to need it for the trials they face ahead. USMC boot camp Incentive Training (IT) Recruits quickly learn that the Marine Corps demands the maximum effort in everything they do…and in case they ever forget, they receive adjustments through IT… incentive training. Marine Corps Core Values There is a lot more to being a Marine than being a fierce warrior. The Marine Corps provides a strong emphasis on morals and integrity. Once a week, a core values guided discussion is given by a Drill Instructor that re-emphasizes key lessons the recruits learned during their knowledge classes. The training process also uses a Values Based Training model to tie the Marine Corps’ Core Values into every aspect of the recruits’ training experience.'

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